In the endless reaches of the Universe, there once existed a planet known as Multilingo, a planet that burned like a star in the distant heavens. There, civilization was far advanced and it brought forth a race of ‘superb multilinguists’, whose communication skills and linguistic powers were developed to the absolute peak of human perfection. One day, one of the planet’s leading linguists, sensing the problems on planet Earth where nobody could speak in different languages, placed his infant daughter in a small rocket ship and sent it hurtling in the direction of Earth. As the years went by and the child grew to maturity, she found herself possessed of amazing linguistic powers. Faster than the fastest broadband, sharper than the average CAT tool, able to meet tight deadlines in a single bound. The infant of Multilingo is now the Woman of Words: Lingo Woman! To best be in position to use her amazing powers in a never-ending battle for linguistic perfection and comprehension, Lingo Woman has assumed the disguise of Kate Larkin, mild-mannered jobbing translator (no job too small) in the great metropolis of London.

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