Lingo Woman's Google tips for translators #2

Following on from my previous post on Google tips for translators, here's another handy hint:

Synonym (~)
Do you ever get the feeling you're missing out on useful results because the keyword(s) you're using can be expressed in several ways? Well, this is where the Google synonym operator comes in handy! If you add the ~ character before one of the terms in your search, Google will search for related words and synonyms for that keyword. Here's an example so you can see what I mean:

Search phrase: Trados help
Search results: Page after page of results containing the terms 'Trados' and 'help'. Not particularly helpful and quite a bit of trawling through would probably be required in order to find what you're after.

(Now using the synonym operator)
Search phrase: Trados ~help
Search results: Much more targeted results. You'll see support articles, manuals, tutorials, guides, FAQs, tip and tricks, etc. 

Helpful, huh? I'd say so...

Yours truly,
Lingo Woman

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